Dear Gururaj, I have no words to explain my happiness, with the work delivered by you. I never thought that I will be having such a wonderful office to sit in and conduct my business. We used to have a outdated old fashioned office, just like any other small time company in the city, and with your efforts and innovative ideas and expertise, now I am glad to have a office with a capacity of 40 seats along with a reception, conference room and a MD Cabin. I am now spending most of my time in my cabin only, that too with lots of happiness, confidence and enthusiasm. Whoever visits my office, the first question planted to me is, who is your architect and I am always very happy to call out your name. I am so very confident in your expertise and working procedures that you will be able to deliver excellent services to who so ever I refer you to. So I will definitely refer you to anyone who wants a beautiful workplace to work in or who wants to maximum utilize their available space. Keep up the good work and you have miles to travel and achieve a lot more in your career. I wish you all the very best for your successful journey and you can always send your prospects to visit our office to show a demo of your work. Sincerely, K Karikolraj


    Myself N. Kanagavalli from EDF Nutrition Centre have planned to start a Nutrition Centre in a short period of 10 days for which I have asked help of Mr. Gururaj for the architect and interior work. With sincere effort of Gururaj and day and night work of his skilled labour they completed the work in just 9 days. So I strongly recommend AR.G.Design for any kind of Architect work.